Saturday, February 3, 2007

Moon Phase: 3rd in Leo (enters Virgo @ 0934 EST)
Planet: Saturn
Colour: Brown

The tortoise figures in both Chinese and Japanese culture as a symbol of longevity and divination

Friday, February 2, 2007


Moon Phase: 2nd in Leo (Full Moon @ 0045 EST) (Mercury enters Pisces @ 0420 EST)
Planet: Venus
Colour: Purple

Festival of Brigid and the element of fire, this sabbat is celebrated with bonfires, candles, and blazing cauldrons. A cross-quarter day, Imbolc was originally an Irish celebration, which may have merged with Candlemas. All things sacred to Brigid and the growing light of the lengthening days have added power to this day. The celebrations also had conservative aspects, as winter supplies dwindled and preparations for the coming spring planting were just beginning. Feasting is neither extravagant nor frivolous.
It is a time of water scrying and making offerings to the sacred waters for the new lives growing within their mothers' bellies. Mystical visions and creative inspirations come through easily at Imbolc. The blessings of Brigid are upon all who honor Her with sacred healing fire on this day.
The Goddess Brigid is the patroness of bards, poets, smiths, and healers, favoring them with Her gifts, skills, and wisdom--the bard and poet, the sparks of inspiration and imagination; the smith, the spark of the glowing forger; and the healer, the spark of energy balance and restoration.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Quickening Moon

Moon phase: 2nd in Cancer (enters Leo @ 0014 EST)
Planet: Jupiter
Colour: White

The Full Moon in February falls on Imbolc (tomorrow), an ancient festival of light honouring the sacred Mother. Tap into the power surge of two magical days in one. Candles feature prominently into this holiday as do the seasonal symbols: snow and ice as well as flowers like white snowdrops and purple crocus. The full moon at Imbolc is a time of purification and illumination--a perfect occasion to purge old habits and start fresh.
This indoor ritual requires a white and purple candle, a bowl, and a cup of snow or chopped ice. Place the candles on either side of the bowl, light them and then repeat the spell:
This is the Sabbat of Imbolc, and the Moon is round,
I cast away old habits, never more to be found.
This melting ice/snow represents the things I release,
Goddess bless me in this season of light and peace.
Once the snow/ice melts, pour it down the drain. Then brush off your hands and say goodbye to those bad habits and hello to new possibilities.