Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Ophelia was a bride of god
A novice Carmelite
In sister cells the cloister bells
Tolled on her wedding night 

Ophelia was a rebel girl
A blue stocking suffragette
Who remedied society
Between her cigarettes 

Ophelia was a sweetheart
To the nation over night
Curvaceous thighs
Vivacious eyes
Love was at first sight... 

Ophelia was a demigoddess
In pre war Babylon
So statuesque a silhouette
In black satin evening gowns 

Ophelia was the mistress to a
Vegas gambling man
Signora Ophelia Maraschina
Mafia courtesan 

Ophelia was a circus queen
The female cannonball
Projected through five flaming hoops
To wild and shocked applause... 

Ophelia was a cyclone, tempest
A god damned hurricane
Your common sense
Your best defense
Lay wasted and in vain 

Ophelia'd know your every woe
And pain you'd ever had
She'd sympathize
And dry your eyes
And help you to forget... 

Ophelia's mind went wandering
You'd wonder where she'd gone
Through secret doors
Down corridors
She'd wander them alone
All alone... 

picture credit: Ophelia by John Everette Millais

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pagan Values: Exercising Faith

"However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?" -Buddha

In my free time I like to study religions. I plan to one day be clergy and be able to guide people spiritually. I'm a strong believer that if you understand their faith, you understand the person. I have come across so many flaky people in my past that I wonder if there are many of us left who actually follow our faiths, and exercise them.

I once went to a nondenominational-Protestant Christian church.The pastor, who was one of the sweetest ones I've known, always mentioned how he did not want a church full of cereal. I thought this was funny as he went to explain that he did not want any fruits, nuts or flakes condemning the testimony of the church, the works of Christ; how he prayed that one day, the community of cereal would stop being so and become true followers of Christ, exercising their faith in Him and following His example.

I've noticed a lot of my own faith be that way, too. I am mostly Wiccan. I have no tradition, and am very ecclectic since all of my training was on my own time with my own resources, or borrowing resources from libraries and friends. I studied, HARD, and had to work to not become a member of the Wiccan cereal, dubbed "fluffybunny."

Faith is not smoke and mirrors, or just a few pretty words that you memorized. Faith is waking up in the morning, seeing a new day, watching the sunset, planting a garden, playing with your children, making a meal, and seeing the beauty and the magic and the blessing in everything. "Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill, An it harm none do what ye will." -Doreen Valiente, 1964 Following the creed, the rede, and putting it into practice, daily, in everything you do. Questioning everything, including your morals.

My value is to exercise my faith, my beliefs, my love for my gods, my love for the human race, each and every single day.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Values

1. Strong belief in exercising faith
2. Open-minded
3. Ever-learning, especially about others to better understand and truly stay open-minded
4. Academic back-up. :)
5. Balance between structure and just winging it.
6. Loving all, judging none.
7. Finding the good in everything even when things seem bleak.
8. Asking permission when necessary, going ahead with it in an "emergency"

Friday, June 3, 2011

003: Daily Meditation

"The only important things in life are the traces of love we leave behind."

I was very grumpy today and took out my frustrations on my children. My oldest told me that I had been mean and she felt that I didn't love her. I gave her a hug and told her that no matter how I feel, whether I am angry, sad, happy, confused, that one thing was certain; I would always love her.

Sometimes I forget to remind myself to show love. It's not enough to just tell someone you love them. Sometimes a hug, a kiss, or snuggle is what is needed. I sometimes forget to do this. With the stresses I have been feeling lately, I have forgotten to love. Deep down I always love, but I have forgotten to use it, to let it guide me, to be a part of me.

Even if I'm upset, know that I will love you past my dying day.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

002: Daily Meditation

"If you want to really change something, you must walk a new path"

I've come across people who think this means that one needs to change their religion, and though this may be the case for some people, it's not for the general consensus. As a personal meditation, it has nothing to do with religion but with the path I walk in life. All situations in my life are caused by the paths I walk; I need to change course to change those situations.

I've been dwelling a lot on my choices, and wondering if I am making the right ones. I have back-up plans for some, and am at a loss at others. I am taking a proactive approach to these decisions, but at times, that can be difficult. To deal with these emotional difficulties I have begun to search within and to meditate more frequently. This is the new path I walk.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

001: Daily Meditation

"For every step forward to gain new knowledge of hidden truths, take three steps forward to perfect your character"

I always try and better myself. Lately, I've been VERY grumpy and easily irritated with the smallest of things. My husband has been on the edge of my nerves everyday for a while now, and my patience with him is very thin. I don't know why this is; maybe I expect more understanding from him than I do others since he has been with me these past nine years. I realized that shortly afterward. I didn't pull this card until AFTER our spat, and I had done so as a means to calm me down. I expect too much of him, things that he cannot give me at my every whim. I need to perfect my character, especially in this area.

Note to self: Have less anger toward the ones you love and expect nothing.