Monday, September 22, 2008

Week Seven

22 Sep 08 - 29 Sep 08
Days 49 through 56

Mabon was spent in Omaha with my family and I just said a small thanks to the Divine for everything I have in this world. We passed a hit deer that someone had kindly moved to the side of the road and I took this as a natural symbol for the sacrifice of the Sun. The deer had been a quite mature buck so I associated him with God as we drove passed.

In Magickal Handcrafting qw are on glass and metal. The procedures and precautions needed make me know for a fact that I will not be using this crafting technique any time soon. I have drawn much blood just handsewing blankets. No sharp or acidic products for me -- thanks!

I am getting super antsy for my first test in my Wicca Revealed course. I decided to look into Alexandrian tradition as I already own books by the Farrars and I don't want to search online. I'm reading The Witches' Bible and so far I am very pleased with how they are explaining everything.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week Six

14 Sep 08 - 21 Sep 08
Days 41-48

So on Monday I decided to join the Magicka School. Someone had mentioned the free course they gave on Wicca and how awesome it was so I had to go and check it out. The upside is that you get to go at your own pace. The downside is that the course material is truly intended for a year training and the minimum wait time allowed to pass before your first test (and future exams) is 28 days. On the positive--it forces you to actually analyze the material and take your time with it.

For the first lesson it gives you the "founding fatherss" for a lack of a better term. I have to do a research project on one of the traditions and because I'm horribly lame I chose Gardner. I thought I was just being lazy for choosing Gardner but the truth of the matter is that before I became eclectic as I am now, my main study focus was in the Gardnerian tradition.

Meh. I don't know -- maybe I'll just do Alexandrian or Seax-Wica. Though the Feri tradition is inticing. I need to re-read Starhawk.

The past two lessons in handcrafting were of sculpting and molds, and wood. I'm now thinking of creating icons for divinity from clay since that is a lot cheaper than paying $50+ for statuary. I'll probably never do anything with wood. My mother used to be an artisan and her wood carvings were wonderful but the tools scared the crap out of me. I am not very graceful -- I'd carve my hand instead.

Tomorrow is Mabon and I have nothing planned.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week Five

06 Sep 08 - 13 Sep 08
Days 33 through 40

Part 2 of Nature crafts was very interesting. This part was mainly focussed on animal - skins, feathers, etc. I really doubt I'll be working with any animal skins other than cow leather, but reading the correspondences for each animal was inspiring. Maybe I'll grab a handful of feathers and make a dream catcher?

So I re-read my past entries and just realized that I forgot to mention my night at Pagan House -- the Pagan church in Omaha. Deena picked us up and we had a healing ritual in the sanctuary. I was able to meet Rebecca who is one of our newest members. It was a very enjoyable experience but the setting made me wish I had a church closer to home. It also made me want to start my own church or group. We'll see what the future holds for that idea. I know that right now I am nowhere near qualified.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Week Four

29 Aug 2008 - 05 Sep 08
Days 25 through 32

A month has officially passed -- can you believe it? I think it passed by rather quickly, which is always nice. I'm not sure if I will do an entire 366 days for my training or not. That amount of time seems daunting when I sit down and think about it.

The past lesson in handcrafting was part 1 of Nature crafts. The great thing about this lesson (other than my 100 on my assignment) is that I realized that I do a bit of nature crafts without realizing it.

Since I homeschool my daughters, for my eldest's science projects we always collect things from outside and make collages and such. If they are still pretty moist with life, I press them in the pages of a sketchbook. When I dry them out or are rocks or feathers, I put them in a plastic bag - a cleat Ziploc for display purposes.

I sing and talk to the plants when I prune or harvest them, which is very magickal. I am liking finding out that even my every day habits are just as magickal.