Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 50: My First Tarot Quiz

Thursday 22 July 2010

Exam Results: 1 - Beginner's Tarot

Displayed below are the results of your exam. The correct answers have been highlighted in green.

Q1 : The artist of the Rider/Waite Tarot was:
A: William Rider
B: Arthur Edward Waite
C: Pamela Coleman Smith
D: Pamela Colman Smith
The answer you gave: Pamela Colman Smith

Q2 : The Rider/Waite Tarot was first published in:
A: 1910
B: 1901
C: 1911
D: 1900
The answer you gave: 1910

Q3 : The Golden Dawn was founded in:
A: The 1980s
B: The 1890s
C: The 1880s
D: The eighteenth century
The answer you gave: The 1880s

Q4 : The Waite/Smith deck is unusual in Golden Dawn influenced Tarots because:
A: It was created by a man and a woman
B: It has full scene illustrations throughout its Minor Arcana
C: It readily reveals the Golden Dawn's teachings
D: Because it is true to the Tarot of Marseille
The answer you gave: It has full scene illustrations throughout its Minor Arcana

Q5 : BOTA stands for:
A: Builders of the Atrium
B: Builders of the Adytum
C: Builders of the Archive
D: Builders of the Additum
The answer you gave: Builders of the Adytum

Q6 : BOTA was created by:
A: Robert Wang
B: Paul Foster Case
C: Israel Regardie
D: Jessie Burns Parke
The answer you gave: Paul Foster Case

Q7 : Before creating his Tarot deck Robert Wang discussed the Tarot with:
A: Aleister Crowley
B: Paul Foster Case
C: Israel Regardie
D: Sandra Tabatha Cicero
The answer you gave: Israel Regardie

Q8 : The artist of The Golden Dawn Magical Tarot was:
A: Robert Wang
B: Jessie Burns Parke
C: Sandra Tabatha Cicero
D: Frieda Harris
The answer you gave: Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Q9 : The artist of The BOTA Tarot was:
A: Paul Foster Case
B: Jessie Burns Parke
C: Robert Wang
D: Sandra Tabatha Cicero
The answer you gave: Jessie Burns Parke

Q10 : The artist of the Crowley Thoth Tarot was:
A: Robert Wang
B: Pamela Colman Smith
C: Aleister Crowley
D: Frieda Harris
The answer you gave: Frieda Harris

Q11 : In The Fool card the Sun is in the:
A: North West
B: North East
C: South East
D: East
The answer you gave: North East

Q12 : The Fool can be assigned to the Hebrew letter:
A: Aleph
B: Zayin
C: Beth
D: Mem
The answer you gave: Aleph

Q13 : Aleph means:
A: Ox
B: House
C: Bread
D: Bull
The answer you gave: Ox

Q14 : On his head the Fool wears:
A: A laurel wreath
B: A cap
C: A crown
D: A diadem
The answer you gave: A laurel wreath

Q15 : The Fool's red feather is the feather of the Egyptian goddess:
A: Ma'at
B: Nut
C: Hathor
D: Isis
The answer you gave: Ma'at

Q16 : Androgynous means:
A: Both male and female
B: Sexless
C: Male
D: Formless
The answer you gave: Both male and female

Q17 : The Fool carries a:
A: White rose in his right hand
B: White rose in his left hand
C: Red rose in his left hand
D: Red rose in his right hand
The answer you gave: White rose in his left hand

Q18 : The Magician has:
A: Four tools on his table
B: Three tools on his table
C: Five tools on his table
D: Two tools on his table
The answer you gave: Four tools on his table

Q19 : The Magician can be assigned to the Hebrew letter:
A: Beth
B: Mem
C: Aleph
D: Daleth
The answer you gave: Beth

Q20 : A serpent eating its tail is referred to as:
A: The Dragon
B: The Eternal One
C: The Ring
D: The Ouroboros
The answer you gave: The Ouroboros

Q21 : Hermes Trismegistus wrote:
A: The Emerald Tablet
B: The Book of Thoth
C: The Rosetta Stone
D: The Philosopher's Stone
The answer you gave: The Emerald Tablet

Q22 : Aleister Crowley wrote the maxim:
A: As above, so below
B: Love is the Law, Love under Will
C: Each to their own
D: Love is the Law
The answer you gave: Love is the Law, Love under Will

Q23 : The Fool can be attributed to the element of:
A: Earth
B: Air
C: Fire
D: Water
The answer you gave: Air

Q24 : Beth means:
A: Door
B: Home
C: House
D: Bread
The answer you gave: House

Q25 : Mercury is associated with the Egyptian god:
A: Thoth
B: Osiris
C: Typhon
D: Anubis
The answer you gave: Thoth

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Common Misconceptions of Wicca

This is a list that my friends and I compiled of questions people have asked us when finding out that we are witches, pagans, Wiccans, heathens, et cetera.

Misconception: We can you fly
Truth: No.
The first time I was asked this, my response was (after laughing maniacally) “ARE YOU SERIOUS? Do I look like I can fly?” I cannot even walk two feet without tripping let alone fly. Now unless you are talking about sitting in an airplane, that is a different story. Of course, I fly. I prefer Delta though anything that gets me here the cheapest without killing me first is always a plus. But actual flying, no, unless I get a pilot license and buy a helicopter. And that'll never happen. I am afraid of falling from tall heights, and get vertigo just by looking out of a second-story window.

Misconception: We sacrifice goats or other animals
Truth: No.
And even if I did, where the hell would I acquire a goat? “Oh yeah, I hide them in the basement for all my ritual needs.” I had say I do not kill chicken, but that is only a half-truth, considering I love eating the fried chicken they sell at Pizza Ranch and I do love me some dead cow over at Burger King.
Misconception: We sacrifice babies/virgins?
Truth: NO.
I DO NOT sacrifice anything. I cannot even watch horror movies without wanting to faint or vomit at a gruesome scene when there is too much blood and gore. And seriously, babies? I have three beautiful babies of my own, why would I go to kill a defenseless child in the name of religion? NO!

Misconception: We *have* to dance naked at *all* rituals
Truth: No.
As much as this makes some people very excited, the answer for that is no. Granted, I like to do certain things naked. And if it is part of my ritual, it's because of something I feel is important. However, not all rituals, or even, not all Pagans, practice in the nude, or what we call as “skyclad” (clad with the sky, if you did not get it). Not everyone is comfortable with being naked around people who are not their significant other. I like being naked, and if you do not mind me being naked, I am all for it, but most people get really awkward and uncomfortable. So again, the answer is no.

Misconception: How can you be a community if you do not have a "church"?
Truth: When I had Iris and Rose, I had a couple of people from my Circle come to visit me. Some of the nurses were devout Christians, and out of curiosity they asked if the people visiting me were a part of my “church family.” I said yes. Granted, we do not have a building that we meet at once a week and worship. We do not tithe (though we donate whenever possible and needed). But we do get together about twice a month to commune together for the Gods, whether for a specific celebration, or other Rite of Passage, et cetera. We talk constantly online about not only our religious views, but of obstacles we may have encumbered, or the most random shit you will ever find. We share a lot of our lives with one another, and in essence we are a family. Blood, sweat and tears go into our relationship in this group, and that is what makes us a church family.

Misconception: You drink blood for rituals.
Truth: No.
Have you ever tasted blood? That is not the tastiest of things. Unless you are a vampire or blood fetishist, the answer for this question is usually no. The only blood I ever drank was my own, and that was because I cut my thumb and shoved it in my mouth to make it feel better.

Misconception: You curse people?
Truth: Depends.
*I* do not curse people. Not all Pagans do. None of the SMART Pagans anyway. I do not like to mess with that. I am a big believer in the Bible scripture Matthew 7:12 “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” Would I like to be cursed by someone? No, so I do not do it to others.

Misconception: You are possessed by demons
Truth: No.
First, let me laugh maniacally. Second, no. This is all me. If I were possessed, I would probably act a lot more sane. Haha! Most people choose this path on their own free will. Just because this is the path we choose does not mean we are being possessed by some unseen being.

Misconception: You are against Christianity
Truth: No.
A lot of us, especially in my Circle, read the Bible and believe that the message of Jesus was good. Christ's message was about love and tolerance, as well as the message of his Father. I am not against any of my Christian brethren nor do I believe they are wrong. I believe that there are many ways to reach enlightenment and become one with Universal energy, and, for that, we must hold true to our beliefs, whether we agree with others or not.