Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wolf Moon Ritual

Last night, during the full moon, I couldn't do anything outside like I had hoped. It had rained all day, and the temperature had dropped, leaving it quite chilly when the moon was rising on the horizon. Instead, I decided to reflect on things my mother (or mother-like figure, depending on whether or not my mother was home at the time) used to do.
I am currently sick with allergies. My face is swollen due to the cedar and plane pollen that is currently in a high count these past few days. With being 8+ months pregnant, this has caused my body to be aching in every place imaginable. So, I remembered what my mom used to do for me when I was a little girl with a nasty head cold.

She'd run a nice warm bath for me to sit in and stick a small bucket of scalding hot water with globs of menthol camphor in it and a towel over my head so I could breathe in the steam. Seeing as I'm no longer a little girl, and I have no bucket and no camphor, I bought mineral bath salt and oil from Natural Therapy specifically for cold & allergy symptoms, ran an incredibly hot bath, then sunk myself right into it. Best. bath. ever. I ended up falling asleep and stayed in the bath for a good half hour because of it. :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Today's Devotions

Praises to mother goddesshail to your round form

song: (set on repeat)

Today, I focused on reading/learning about Gaia.

From Pantheon.org:
Gaia or Gaea, known as Earth or Mother Earth (the Greek common noun for "land" is ge or ga). She was an early earth goddess and it is written that Gaia was born from Chaos, the great void of emptiness within the universe, and with her came Eros. She gave birth to Pontus (the Sea) and Uranus (the Sky). This was achieved parthenogenetically (without male intervention). Other versions say that Gaia had as siblings Tartarus (the lowest part of the earth, below Hades itself) and Eros, and without a mate, gave birth to Uranus (Sky), Ourea (Mountains) and Pontus (Sea).

Gaia took as her husband Uranus, who was also her son, and their offspring included the Titans, six sons and six daughters. She gave birth to the Cyclopes and to three monsters that became known as the "Hecatonchires". The spirits of punishment known as the Erinyes were also offspring of Gaia and Uranus. The Gigantes, finally, were conceived after Uranus had been castrated by his son Cronus, and his blood fell to earth from the open wound.

To protect her children from her husband, (the Cyclopes and the Hecatoncheires, as he was fearful of their great strength), Gaia hid them all within herself. One version says that Uranus was aghast at the sight of his offspring so he hid them away in Tartarus, which are the bowels of the earth. Gaia herself found her offspring uncomfortable and at times painful, when the discomfort became to much to bear she asked her youngest son Cronus to help her. She asked him to castrate Uranus, thus severing the union between the Earth and Sky, and also to prevent more monstrous offspring. To help Cronus achieve his goal Gaia produced an adamantine sickle to serve as the weapon. Cronus hid until Uranus came to lay with Gaia and as Uranus drew near, Cronus struck with the sickle, cutting the genitalia from Uranus. Blood fell from the severed genitals and came in contact with the earth and from that union was born the Erinyes (Furies), the Giants and the Meliae (Nymphs of the manna ash trees).

After the separation of the Earth from the Sky, Gaia gave birth to other offspring, these being fathered by Pontus. Their names were the sea-god Nereus, Thaumas, Phorcys, Ceto and Eurybia. In other versions Gaia had offspring to her brother Tartarus; they were Echidna and Typhon, the latter being an enemy of Zeus. Apollo killed Typhon when he took control of the oracle at Delphi, which Gaia originally provided, and then the "Sibyl" sang the oracle in Gaia's shrine.

It was Gaia who saved Zeus from being swallowed by Cronus, after Zeus had been born, Gaia helped Rhea to wrap a stone in swaddling clothes, this was to trick Cronus in to thinking it was Zeus, because Cronus had been informed that one of his children would depose him, and so to get rid of his children he had swallowed them, Gaia's trick worked and Zeus was then taken to Crete.

Gaia being the primordial element from which all the gods originated was worshiped throughout Greece, but later she went into decline and was supplanted by other gods. In Roman mythology she was known as Tellus or Terra.