Friday, September 30, 2016

New Moon Prayer and Card Pull

I welcome transformation.
I welcome growth.
I welcome abundance.
I know what I need.
I am ready.

"Miracles are occurring all around you right now. Begin to notice them, and you will experience even more miracles.

This card is the angels’ way of telling you to expect a miracle. Perhaps you feel that you need one right now because you can’t see any other way to a solution. Be open to allowing God to help you resolve your challenges in ways that will surprise you. You open the door for miracles when you become willing to surrender your fears to God. Visualize the angels carrying away the issue, and feel yourself supported by God’s wisdom and creativity.

As you relax into the Source, you are assured that blessings are surrounding you right now. Be open to a miracle coming your way." --

I move in a couple days. I'm going back to my mom's to get as much as I can into my car to bring right back to Tina's place. I'm thankful for the blessings I am receiving.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Autumn Equinox

I celebrated the autumn equinox a little early on Sunday the 18th with some local pagans I've come to call friends. It was simple, and I don't remember much thanks to the heat. We were drenched in sweat even though we were in the shade. It's funny to me that we are celebrating the second harvest, when things start to cool down, and Texas is like, nope, still 110 degrees outside in the shade. It was a simple ritual, not complicated at all, and we gave thanks for the harvest and for our friends and family. It wasn't a large group, but still plenty of people. I felt at peace in the end.

Today I'm just going to light a candle and say a prayer, courtesy from Mrs. B's Guide to Household Witchery by Kris Bradley.

"I light the candle to honor the season and to give thanks for the abundance in my life. I strive to remember these blessings and give thanks for them through the entire year. I strive to remember to share these blessings with others not as fortunate as I am, even when I have little to share. I give thanks to the Lord and Lady for all my blessings this Mabon season, and give thanks for all those blessings that will come to me this glorious fall season. So mote it be."

Harvest blessings to everyone. Blessed be.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Harvest Moon

I was in the hospital for about the past two weeks. I did nothing for the new moon because I was sick, and did nothing for last night's full Corn moon, as I'm still adjusting to my medications. I have a lot of introspection to do. I need to find a place to live that's near the kids, but I have no connections. I have no plans for the harvest Mabon celebration, though I have been invited to one tomorrow. I'm just going to list things I'm thankful for and keep it simple.

I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know where I'm going. I'm hoping I'm doing this adulting this right in both spiritual and mundane matters.

"Earth my Body - Water my Blood - Air my Breath - Fire my Spirit"