Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wicca and Shamanism

Today's exercise questions your recent experiences that called you along your path. In the book, a shaman is described as "a spiritual leader who serves many important functions..." such as a "priest, a mystic...a counselor, an interpreter of spirits, a healer, and a magician." It also describes the madman. The madman is the one who cannot control his otherwordly experiences and stays out of the realm of reality.

What hallmarks of a shaman describes your own experiences?
When I was eight years old I had an interesting experience with my mother while we went out shopping. We were walking down a street to a store, and I was in my habit of not actually paying attention to where we were going. I was used to listening to the sounds of my mother's footsteps, and I would follow those while I would either watch my feet or look up at the sky. While I was in the middle of transitioning between looking at the sidewalk to the clouds, something caught my eye. I saw two men across the street, one old, bent over a cane, and a young man next to him. The elderly fellow looked just like your stereotypical grandfather, slightly hunched, brown sweater, kakhi pants, and loafers. The young man, however, looked like nothing I had ever seen before. He was incredibly tall, absolutely beautiful. His hair was blond, to his shoulders, and his eyes were a dark blue-gree, the color of an ocean. His outfit was crisp, as if pressed and just picked up from the cleaners, a spotless white in complete contrast to the dingy street. His good-looks weren't what caught me, though; he was glowing. It was as if sunbeams were radiating from him in every color imaginable. The rays were in pastels, similar to having light cast upon a while through a prism on a cloudy day. He smiled at me and waved. I waved back and looked around. I suddenly saw another one, similar to him, but with different features following a woman about my mom's age at the time. As the day progressed I continued to see these glowing people, but went home feeling confused after the shopping was done. A few days later, my family and I went to the mall. While my parents and siblings talked at the table, I noticed something different. I was still seeing "extra" people, but these people were dark, as if made of shadow. They seemed to be sucking the light into them. Looking at them made my eyes hurt, the black was so intense, a black that I could never create. It was a humanoid black hole. When I finally told my mom about it, she just hugged me and told me that I was just seeing the angels and demons that surround our world all the time. No matter where we are, we have angels around us, whether they be high or fallen. Since my mother wasn't worried about it, neither was I, so I went about my days, seeing these extra people behind everyday people. As I got older, I saw fewer and fewer of them. By the time I hit my teens (and severe depression) I stopped seeing these spirit creatures completely. These days, I catch a glimpse here and there, but I only feel them. The only time I am absolutely certain is when one of my daughters tugs at my sleeve to tell me there is someone looking at me, yet when I look for them, no one is there.

This is one of many examples of my life. I have so many. One of these days I'll talk about them all, but until then, feel free to ask me about any other experience, I may post about it. :)

In what ways are you the Shaman?
Growing up a I connected with spirit creatures a lot. They ranged from fae, to the dead, to even the souls of the living. If someone is close to me, I can sense them, even if I live hours away. My family is very spiritually connected, even though we have different religions. We cannot talk for days, and yet you may get a phone call out of the blue asking if you are all right. My close friends are like that, too. "Did something happen to you that made you upset around 2 this morning?" "Oh I just slammed my entire body into the floor after tripping over a chair, and the piano stand, and then the corner of the bed. No big deal." Another way is that I feel like a healer. I'm an avid pray-er. Whenever someone asks me for healing, it seems as if I can always get the job done within the week. People come to me for advice. I'm not sure why, but they just feel like the can and should. I've had more than one friend tell me I'll be a high priestess one day. One has been saying it for ten years! But for the most part, as a leader, I love to teach, which I guess fits in that category, too.

In what ways are you the Madman?
In my severe depressive episodes, I disconnect with reality. I have a hard time staying grounded and have been known to hallucinate for long periods of time. My mind plays tricks on me and creates memories of events that never occured. Deep inside I feel like they are true, I lived them, but in all honesty, I know they never did.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Natural Sacred Energies

Within us we all have a natural life force, a sacred energy that courses through our veins. The exercise for today was to get in touch with those energies. To do so I had to relax my entire body, ignoring sounds and thoughts. If thoughts came across my mind, I was to see them only with mild curiosity and notice what those thoughts would do to the muscles of my body but delve no further. Once I was fully relaxed I then channeled my life force starting at the solar plexus. Once I found it, I worked my way up to my chest, then down to my hips and legs, to the soles of my feet and the tips of my toes. I continued upward and out, to my shoulders and through my arms, to the tips of my fingers, until finally I finished by touching it through my neck, face, and head. By the end of the exercise, after about 7 minutes, I was feeling tingly all over. My whole body felt whole, and every inch of my body was humming. You know the feeling you get after a really big, good stretch? That's how I felt. My body felt great, and what pleased me was that none of it had felt cut off. The energies within me work in harmony, leaving everything in unison, making it work in ease.

I need to do this more often. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today is Mabon. This is a time of giving thanks for the harvest.

As a holiday, the term Mabon is fairly new, but people have celebrated the autumn equinox for centuries. At the time when there is an equal amount of light and dark, we harvest our crops and prepare for winter, all the while giving thanks for that which we have.

The idea of a harvest festival is nothing new. In fact, people have celebrated it for millennia, all around the world. In ancient Greece, Oschophoria was a festival held in the fall to celebrate the harvesting of grapes for wine. In the 1700's, the Bavarians came up with Oktoberfest, which actually begins in the last week of September, and it was a time of great feasting and merriment, still in existence today. China's Mid-Autumn festival is celebrated on the night of the Harvest Moon (which also happens to be tonight!), and is a festival of honoring family unity.

Many cultures see the second harvest time of the fall equinox as a time of giving thanks. After all, it's when you figure out how well your crops did, how fat your animals have gotten, and whether or not your family will be able to eat during the coming winter.

I see this time as the perfect time for reflection as well as for thanksgiving. I am thankful for so many things in my life and I give thanks to the Powers The Be for being so blessed. I have a wonderful husband who supports me and takes care of me as well as be a doting father to our daughters. I am thankful that even though my children can sometimes be ornery and just downright crazy at home, they have the decency to show that we are raising right and are polite and well-behaved in public. I am thankful that even though I am currently searching for a 3rd job, the government has provided programs to assist me until I find something full time so that we are not starving and homeless. I am thankful that I am making ends meet. I am thankful for friends. I am thankful for family. I am thankful for this crazy, wild, and unpredictable life I live because in the end, it will totally be worth it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Questioning Your Path

Why am I exploring the Wiccan path?
It's the one faith I have felt the most comfortable in.

What were my previous spiritual practices?
For the longest time I was pretty agnostic. I have always felt there is a higher being somwhere. Before that I was Protestant. I had been raised in Baptist and Pentecost churches but never really felt connected. I felt fear and discomfort.

Did any of these practices lead me to investigate Wicca?
No. I didn't even know that Wicca existed until someone brought Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf to Home Ec. class in the 8th grade (11 years ago). I only knew of 4 religions, three of them being Judeo-Christian and the last as Buddhism. The fact that there was an Occult intrigued me. So I began searching ALL faiths as a personal project, just to better understand them. Wicca was the one that most intrigued me, the one that felt the most comfortable.

What are my hopes in engaging in this path?
Connecting more with myself and the energy that surrounds me.

What are my fears in engaging in this path?
That I'll half-ass it like I do just about everything else. (I'm busy, dammit!)

How will I handle friends and family members who might not approve of my spiritual search?
You know, at this point in life I just do not have the time to care about what other people think of me. If they don't like it, it's their prerogative, but I'm not going to sit there and waste my time trying to convince them of something they don't want to hear. I don't have the energy. If they don't like it, they can move on. I'm done stressing about it.

Aside from transitioning to a new spiritual path, are there major events that impact my life at this time (for example, births, deaths, divorce, job loss, etc)?

Yes, my husband lost his job in May and we've been trying to make ends meet since. It was 4 months on Monday and today was his second job interview. I have had a couple, but I at least have two minimum wage jobs. Unfortunately they are both part-time (25 hours or less per week) and it is not enough. J's unemployment insurance isn't going to last forever and if either one of us does not get hired for a full-time paying job above 10 an hour, we are going to be struggling.

If I have major life events happening right now, is this the best time to explore a new spiritual path? Why/why not?
I'm quite sure that now is not the best time. I have a lot on my plate between homeschooling, my own education, two jobs, and job seraching. I am horribly exhausted 90% of the time. However, I feel horribly disconnected from reality and this journey is what is keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground. I like the introspection; it helps me keep my sanity.

*spend time in quite contemplation of these answers

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Melting Beliefs

The exercise for today involved the one from yesterday. Today I needed a candle holder, a white taper candle, and the words from yesterday. After meditating on the emotional meanings of these words I found a common theme: FEAR. FEAR is the source of the anger, confusion, and refusal of educating oneself of the meaning of the words. Fear guides the mistrust, discomfort, and misguided actions toward others. I even have fear of using the words due to the reactions others may have of them.

Taking a knitting needle (I couldn't find a pin and my witch cabinet is in the craft room), I wrote the word FEAR on my candle and burned it. The melted wax will be buried far from home, the fear of the words symbolically melted away and physically buried. I found the perfect spot at the old Christian church that is up for sale. No one will be there to disturb it.

Throughout this journey, I hope to be rid of my own fears in these words and the reactions of others due to their own fears.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Day Two involves words that may be uspetting to use or hear and are listed below:

Wicca; Witchcraft; Power; Ritual; Magic; Occult; Pagan; Spell; Earth-religion

What is my comfort level in using each word? (I used a scale of 1-10; with 10 being most comfotable, 1 being uncomfortable, and 5 being nuetral.)

Wicca-9; Witchcraft-6; Power-10; Ritual-10; Magic-7; Occult-5; Pagan-10; Spell-5; Earth-religion-5

How do I understand each word?
I see Wicca as not only a religion, but as a lifestyle centering itself around the energies within the universe. Witchcraft is the practice of folklore, ancient beliefs passed down from generation to generation built on culture, upbringing, and instinct. Power is how I describe energy, the universal ALL that is. Ritual is something you do every day; daily rituals, as well as seasonal rituals, to honor the mundane and the ethereal. I rarely use the word Occult. I see it as the meaning of dark mysteries and I have yet to feel that my path is a mysterious mystery. Pagan is what I define those who go down to their country beliefs and worship accordingly; the beliefs that everyone had once grown up on before the Judeo-Christian movement. I see spells as another form of prayer; sometimes convaluted prayer. :) And earth-religion is just any religion that centers around the energy, worship, restoration of the earth.

How do I imagine that each word impacts othe people who are not involved with Wicca?
From my own experiences it is based on a combination of upbringing and belief that will effect the reaction of these words from others. Many people have not a clue what Wicca is, or even Pagan. As soon as you mention earth-religion and witchcraft, they automatically think of hippies or devil-worship. Some quickly jump to that conclusion regardless of proper definition. I think most of it is based in fear of the mysteries involved, the Occult, per se. Spells and magic are usually scoffed at, with the thinking attached to The Craft and Harry Potter. Most reactions are based on fear, ignorance, and just downright stupidity. I don't even want to think to far into it; it grates my nerves.


It is a new moon, and therefore a time of reflection.

I feel disconnected. I have so much on my plate right now that I feel as if I am watching my life as a third-party instead of actually living it. To feel more connected to everyone I have taken responsibilty for the Circle's quartly newsletter. I like that it only comes only 8 times in the course of a year, giving me plenty of time to do each issue.

Between work, school, homeschool, bills, religious practice, and life itself, I just don't know where I am heading 90% of the time.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Year and a Day

Attempt # 3610249857
-Or, at least, it feels that way.

I'm starting over for the umpteenth time, but this time I have Roderick's book, Wicca: a Year and a Day, to help me out. Like he says on the back cover of the book; "The path of the Witch involves the slow unveiling of the power of the earth, particularly as it manifests in our own lives. This process moves at the pace of the seasons themselves."

Exercise of the day: Sit in nature, use 5 senses to commune with Earth. Envision roots digging into the earth connecting to humans, plants, animals and objects. Analyze connections.

Experience: I feel my strongest connection with humans, or at least the essence of humans. It's not as strong in the animals, and even less in the plants, and almost nonexistant in objects. I believe the strength of this connection has to do a lot with what I can relate to. I feel the most connected with humans because I feel human. The desires, the wants, the needs, the reactions, are human, formed in society as well as nature.

As for my weakest connection, though I enjoy material things, I feel little to no connection to objects. I have no love for them. Maybe a few years ago I did, but I've gone through some experiences where I learned to go without and I realized that all objects can easily be replaced. It is life that matters the most to me, especially the lives of my children.

I really don't feel the need to be more connceted to objects. I understand the need for them - that is as far as I will allow that connection to go. I do wish my connections to plants and animals were stronger, though. I should spend more time with my pets and garden more often to ratify this problem and strengthen my connections.

Tools to gather this month:

  • candle holder
  • white taper
  • farmer's almanac
  • 2 orange tapers
  • compass
  • 1/4 oz of myrrh resin or powdered orris root
  • self-igniting charcoal
  • 2 green tapers
  • 1/4 oz herbal blend consisting of dried meadowsweet and powdered oak bark
  • indigo taper

Friday, August 13, 2010

Isaac Bonewits 1949 – 2010

I didn't check my e-mail last night after I came home from work, so I didn't find this out until just now. May he rest in peace. His work was influential, his talent, strong, and will be remembered fondly.

Read the story here:

Isaac Bonewits 1949 – 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 50: My First Tarot Quiz

Thursday 22 July 2010

Exam Results: 1 - Beginner's Tarot

Displayed below are the results of your exam. The correct answers have been highlighted in green.

Q1 : The artist of the Rider/Waite Tarot was:
A: William Rider
B: Arthur Edward Waite
C: Pamela Coleman Smith
D: Pamela Colman Smith
The answer you gave: Pamela Colman Smith

Q2 : The Rider/Waite Tarot was first published in:
A: 1910
B: 1901
C: 1911
D: 1900
The answer you gave: 1910

Q3 : The Golden Dawn was founded in:
A: The 1980s
B: The 1890s
C: The 1880s
D: The eighteenth century
The answer you gave: The 1880s

Q4 : The Waite/Smith deck is unusual in Golden Dawn influenced Tarots because:
A: It was created by a man and a woman
B: It has full scene illustrations throughout its Minor Arcana
C: It readily reveals the Golden Dawn's teachings
D: Because it is true to the Tarot of Marseille
The answer you gave: It has full scene illustrations throughout its Minor Arcana

Q5 : BOTA stands for:
A: Builders of the Atrium
B: Builders of the Adytum
C: Builders of the Archive
D: Builders of the Additum
The answer you gave: Builders of the Adytum

Q6 : BOTA was created by:
A: Robert Wang
B: Paul Foster Case
C: Israel Regardie
D: Jessie Burns Parke
The answer you gave: Paul Foster Case

Q7 : Before creating his Tarot deck Robert Wang discussed the Tarot with:
A: Aleister Crowley
B: Paul Foster Case
C: Israel Regardie
D: Sandra Tabatha Cicero
The answer you gave: Israel Regardie

Q8 : The artist of The Golden Dawn Magical Tarot was:
A: Robert Wang
B: Jessie Burns Parke
C: Sandra Tabatha Cicero
D: Frieda Harris
The answer you gave: Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Q9 : The artist of The BOTA Tarot was:
A: Paul Foster Case
B: Jessie Burns Parke
C: Robert Wang
D: Sandra Tabatha Cicero
The answer you gave: Jessie Burns Parke

Q10 : The artist of the Crowley Thoth Tarot was:
A: Robert Wang
B: Pamela Colman Smith
C: Aleister Crowley
D: Frieda Harris
The answer you gave: Frieda Harris

Q11 : In The Fool card the Sun is in the:
A: North West
B: North East
C: South East
D: East
The answer you gave: North East

Q12 : The Fool can be assigned to the Hebrew letter:
A: Aleph
B: Zayin
C: Beth
D: Mem
The answer you gave: Aleph

Q13 : Aleph means:
A: Ox
B: House
C: Bread
D: Bull
The answer you gave: Ox

Q14 : On his head the Fool wears:
A: A laurel wreath
B: A cap
C: A crown
D: A diadem
The answer you gave: A laurel wreath

Q15 : The Fool's red feather is the feather of the Egyptian goddess:
A: Ma'at
B: Nut
C: Hathor
D: Isis
The answer you gave: Ma'at

Q16 : Androgynous means:
A: Both male and female
B: Sexless
C: Male
D: Formless
The answer you gave: Both male and female

Q17 : The Fool carries a:
A: White rose in his right hand
B: White rose in his left hand
C: Red rose in his left hand
D: Red rose in his right hand
The answer you gave: White rose in his left hand

Q18 : The Magician has:
A: Four tools on his table
B: Three tools on his table
C: Five tools on his table
D: Two tools on his table
The answer you gave: Four tools on his table

Q19 : The Magician can be assigned to the Hebrew letter:
A: Beth
B: Mem
C: Aleph
D: Daleth
The answer you gave: Beth

Q20 : A serpent eating its tail is referred to as:
A: The Dragon
B: The Eternal One
C: The Ring
D: The Ouroboros
The answer you gave: The Ouroboros

Q21 : Hermes Trismegistus wrote:
A: The Emerald Tablet
B: The Book of Thoth
C: The Rosetta Stone
D: The Philosopher's Stone
The answer you gave: The Emerald Tablet

Q22 : Aleister Crowley wrote the maxim:
A: As above, so below
B: Love is the Law, Love under Will
C: Each to their own
D: Love is the Law
The answer you gave: Love is the Law, Love under Will

Q23 : The Fool can be attributed to the element of:
A: Earth
B: Air
C: Fire
D: Water
The answer you gave: Air

Q24 : Beth means:
A: Door
B: Home
C: House
D: Bread
The answer you gave: House

Q25 : Mercury is associated with the Egyptian god:
A: Thoth
B: Osiris
C: Typhon
D: Anubis
The answer you gave: Thoth

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Common Misconceptions of Wicca

This is a list that my friends and I compiled of questions people have asked us when finding out that we are witches, pagans, Wiccans, heathens, et cetera.

Misconception: We can you fly
Truth: No.
The first time I was asked this, my response was (after laughing maniacally) “ARE YOU SERIOUS? Do I look like I can fly?” I cannot even walk two feet without tripping let alone fly. Now unless you are talking about sitting in an airplane, that is a different story. Of course, I fly. I prefer Delta though anything that gets me here the cheapest without killing me first is always a plus. But actual flying, no, unless I get a pilot license and buy a helicopter. And that'll never happen. I am afraid of falling from tall heights, and get vertigo just by looking out of a second-story window.

Misconception: We sacrifice goats or other animals
Truth: No.
And even if I did, where the hell would I acquire a goat? “Oh yeah, I hide them in the basement for all my ritual needs.” I had say I do not kill chicken, but that is only a half-truth, considering I love eating the fried chicken they sell at Pizza Ranch and I do love me some dead cow over at Burger King.
Misconception: We sacrifice babies/virgins?
Truth: NO.
I DO NOT sacrifice anything. I cannot even watch horror movies without wanting to faint or vomit at a gruesome scene when there is too much blood and gore. And seriously, babies? I have three beautiful babies of my own, why would I go to kill a defenseless child in the name of religion? NO!

Misconception: We *have* to dance naked at *all* rituals
Truth: No.
As much as this makes some people very excited, the answer for that is no. Granted, I like to do certain things naked. And if it is part of my ritual, it's because of something I feel is important. However, not all rituals, or even, not all Pagans, practice in the nude, or what we call as “skyclad” (clad with the sky, if you did not get it). Not everyone is comfortable with being naked around people who are not their significant other. I like being naked, and if you do not mind me being naked, I am all for it, but most people get really awkward and uncomfortable. So again, the answer is no.

Misconception: How can you be a community if you do not have a "church"?
Truth: When I had Iris and Rose, I had a couple of people from my Circle come to visit me. Some of the nurses were devout Christians, and out of curiosity they asked if the people visiting me were a part of my “church family.” I said yes. Granted, we do not have a building that we meet at once a week and worship. We do not tithe (though we donate whenever possible and needed). But we do get together about twice a month to commune together for the Gods, whether for a specific celebration, or other Rite of Passage, et cetera. We talk constantly online about not only our religious views, but of obstacles we may have encumbered, or the most random shit you will ever find. We share a lot of our lives with one another, and in essence we are a family. Blood, sweat and tears go into our relationship in this group, and that is what makes us a church family.

Misconception: You drink blood for rituals.
Truth: No.
Have you ever tasted blood? That is not the tastiest of things. Unless you are a vampire or blood fetishist, the answer for this question is usually no. The only blood I ever drank was my own, and that was because I cut my thumb and shoved it in my mouth to make it feel better.

Misconception: You curse people?
Truth: Depends.
*I* do not curse people. Not all Pagans do. None of the SMART Pagans anyway. I do not like to mess with that. I am a big believer in the Bible scripture Matthew 7:12 “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” Would I like to be cursed by someone? No, so I do not do it to others.

Misconception: You are possessed by demons
Truth: No.
First, let me laugh maniacally. Second, no. This is all me. If I were possessed, I would probably act a lot more sane. Haha! Most people choose this path on their own free will. Just because this is the path we choose does not mean we are being possessed by some unseen being.

Misconception: You are against Christianity
Truth: No.
A lot of us, especially in my Circle, read the Bible and believe that the message of Jesus was good. Christ's message was about love and tolerance, as well as the message of his Father. I am not against any of my Christian brethren nor do I believe they are wrong. I believe that there are many ways to reach enlightenment and become one with Universal energy, and, for that, we must hold true to our beliefs, whether we agree with others or not.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Exam Results: 1 - Wicca Revealed

Just took my Wicca 101 exam for the first, out of twelve, lesson. :) I just have to say: yay!

Displayed below are the results of your exam. The correct answers have been highlighted in green.
Q1 : Wicca can be referred to as:
A: The Craft
B: Satanism
C: The Religion
D: The Cult
The answer you gave: The Craft

Q2 : “An’ it harm none, do what thou wilt” is known as:
A: The Witch Creed
B: An old saying
C: The Wiccan Rede
D: The Witches' Bible
The answer you gave: The Wiccan Rede

Q3 : Gerald Gardner claimed he was initiated into Wicca by:
A: Dorothy Clutterbuck
B: Dafo
C: Doreen Valiente
D: Vivianne Crowley
The answer you gave: Dorothy Clutterbuck

Q4 : Which of the following did Gerald Gardner not write?
A: Witchcraft Today
B: Witchcraft for Tomorrow
C: High Magic's Aid
D: The Meaning of Witchcraft
The answer you gave: Witchcraft for Tomorrow

Q5 : Alexandrian Wicca is named after:
A: Its founder, Alex Sanders
B: Alexander the Great
C: The Emperor Alexander
D: The Library of Alexandria
The answer you gave: The Library of Alexandria

Q6 : Raymond Buckland founded:
A: Seax-Wicca
B: Cochranian Wicca
C: Faery Wicca
D: The Alexandrian Tradition
The answer you gave: Seax-Wicca

Q7 : Mary Nesnick created:
A: The Algard Tradition
B: The Alcoch Tradition
C: The Enochian Tradition
D: The Faery Tradition
The answer you gave: The Algard Tradition

Q8 : The Feri Tradition was created by:
A: Raymond and Rosemary Buckland
B: Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente
C: Victor and Cora Anderson
D: Aleister and Vivianne Crowley
The answer you gave: Victor and Cora Anderson

Q9 : Starhawk was initiated into:
A: The Cochranian Tradition
B: Dianic Wicca
C: Alexandrian Wicca
D: The Feri Tradition
The answer you gave: The Feri Tradition

Q10 : Starhawk is also known as:
A: Vivianne Crowley
B: Miriam Simos
C: Janet Farrar
D: Doreen Valiente
The answer you gave: Miriam Simos

Q11 : Robert Cochrane claimed:
A: Witch ancestry dating back to 1736
B: To have been initiated into Witchcraft at age 5
C: To have known Alexandrian witches
D: To have formed a coven aged 5
The answer you gave: To have been initiated into Witchcraft at age 5

Q12 : Zsuzsanna Budapest:
A: Created Dianic Wicca
B: Was a Cochranian High Priestess
C: Helped found the Feri Tradition
D: Was a friend of Gerald Gardner
The answer you gave: Created Dianic Wicca

Q13 : Some people also refer to Hedge Witches as:
A: Bramble Witches
B: Briar Witches
C: Kitchen Witches
D: House Witches
The answer you gave: Kitchen Witches

Q14 : Margaret Murray was:
A: An assistant professor of Egyptology
B: A Fellow of the Royal Society
C: The founder of the Folklore Society
D: Assistant Director of Antiquities at the British Museum
The answer you gave: An assistant professor of Egyptology

Q15 : The Witch-Cult in Western Europe, was published in:
A: The 1930s
B: The 1940s
C: The 1950s
D: The 1920s
The answer you gave: The 1920s

Q16 : Ronald Hutton wrote:
A: The God of the Witches
B: Wicca
C: A Witches’ Bible
D: The Triumph of the Moon
The answer you gave: The Triumph of the Moon

Q17 : Which of the following did Doreen Valiente not write?
A: An ABC of Witchcraft
B: Witchcraft for Tomorrow
C: Where Witchcraft Lives
D: The A-Z of Witchcraft
The answer you gave: The A-Z of Witchcraft

Q18 : The Farrars were originally:
A: Alexandrian witches
B: Gardnerian witches
C: Faery Wiccans
D: Hedge witches
The answer you gave: Alexandrian witches

Q19 : Which of the following did the Farrar’s not write?
A: Eight Sabbats for Witches
B: The Witches’ Way
C: A Witches’ Bible
D: The Spiral Dance
The answer you gave: The Spiral Dance

Q20 : The Spiral Dance is:
A: The first American book on Wicca
B: A book detailing the FeriTradition
C: The best selling book on Wicca
D: Co-written with Cora Anderson
The answer you gave: The best selling book on Wicca

Q21 : Wiccans generally:
A: Worship deity in its feminine aspect
B: Worship deity in its masculine aspect
C: Worship deity in its feminine and masculine aspects
D: Worship only a god
The answer you gave: Worship deity in its feminine and masculine aspects

Q22 : Which of the following do Wiccans not believe in?
A: Immanent deity
B: The creative polarity of the sexes
C: The power of the Moon
D: The useful nature of fixed rules and regulations in their religion
The answer you gave: The useful nature of fixed rules and regulations in their religion

Q23 : Which of these do Wiccans not do?
A: Work with seasonal and natural forces
B: Practice magic
C: Work for the good of the community
D: Practice extensive magic based on the Sun
The answer you gave: Practice extensive magic based on the Sun

Q24 : Meditation is best practiced:
A: Every now and then
B: On a regular basis
C: With background distractions
D: Under bright lights
The answer you gave: On a regular basis

Q25 : Dianic Wicca:
A: Is a feminist Wiccan Tradition
B: Is closely related to Cochranian Wicca
C: Was founded by Starhawk
D: Was founded in the British Isles
The answer you gave: Is a feminist Wiccan Tradition