Monday, October 24, 2016

A Bath of Courage

So, in The Witch in Every Woman, this exercise is in the bath tub. It calls for seven candles, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, deep purple, and lavender, and a sword. Now while I do have all the colors in candles, I don't have enough holders so I went with a red pillar candle as I attribute that color with the Goddess. The sword...I do have one, but I just didn't feel comfortable taking a bath with my sword, so I opted to envision a sword in the bath with me. The exercise suggests you visualize yourself as the Lady of the Lake, breathing and swimming, envisioning a submerged kingdom.

On a hand mirror I was supposed to write the following:

I am Sovereign
I have the courage of all Goddesses
The Witch lives within me
The blade of light, truth, and power belongs to me.

I have a hand mirror, but not one big enough for all those words so I wrote them on a sheet of paper. I was supposed to read them aloud and look at my reflection, but instead I said them to myself and meditated on the words.

Power belongs to me. I have to remember that. I am sovereign. I posses power.

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